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September 21, 2015- Opinion by Steven E. Greer

In the news today is a CEO of a small peanut butter company, Stewart Parnell, who could get life in prison for knowingly shipping contaminated peanut butter that killed some people. Great. Sounds like justice.

Well, GM killed more people by knowingly hiding an ignition switch problem for decades. No one went to jail and they got a miniscule fine by Preet Bharara last week (Why was a New York US Attorney handling this?).

The peanut guy made the mistake of being too small and not donating enough to politicians. The GM crooks are too big to fail (bailed out), and now too big to jail.

Supposedly, the DOJ is going to start going after corporate crooks personally with jail time. I will believe it when I see it.

So, all you small companies out there, you had better stay up at night worrying about some unforeseen problem with your product, because you can go to jail. If you are a Fortune 500 company, don’t worry. That seems to be the message the DOJ is sending out.

Editor’s note: BatteryPark.TV currently endorses Bernie Sanders and John Kasich.

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