The mainstream news is almost pure entertainment now

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June 25, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

Recently, I have been amazed at the hugely important news stories that have received zero coverage in the national TV news. Long before the mainstream press turned into propaganda outlets for their corporate parent companies, the bubble gum dumb news content was a problem. As fewer and fewer people watch TV, the “news” is resorting to pure entertainment for ratings.

If one watches Fox and Friends, one will find, literally, almost no coverage of any news. They have a blond bimbo with fake breasts between two guys, insinuating a gang bang to the viewers at home. GMA and Today are worse with the soft-core porn. “Weather person” Dylan Dreyer is instructed to show her profile as much as possible while at the weather wall because she has a bulbous rear end. Ginger Zee was hired for her looks. If one switches to CBS, they get the train wreck of Gayle King covering “important topics”, such as R Kelly.

Meanwhile, Google and Facebook ads are so targeted and successful that few companies bother with local news ads any longer. As a result, most local news coverage has gone away.

Americans are living in a nation that has had the equivalent of a power outage blackout of news.

On November 27, 2018, I started this “Read Between the Lines” segment that posts links to the big news items from national and local news. I was scouring the news for my own purposes and thought it might be useful to others as well.

Let’s review the last 48-hours of events and how the mainstream press covered it.

Yesterday, President Trump held a large White House signing event to declare that hospitals must now be transparent with hospital bills. This will impact all Americans more than anything else in the news. It is the biggest story since Obamacare in 2010. Yet the broadcast TV news ignored it. There was not a single story about it. Even Fox News ignored it. This is because American healthcare is a $3.6 trillion industry and feeds the news with the majority of their advertising space.

Secretly, with few people aware, there are many bipartisan efforts underway in Washington. Keeping the status quo in healthcare is one of them. When Bernie and Warren announced their support for socialized medicine last year, it went ignored. Bernie was very successful against Hillary, and should have won but for the rigging of the election by Hillary and Obama, yet the news is trying its best to ignore him again. The far-left-leaning propaganda news is turning on its own. When Trump tries to reform healthcare as he did yesterday, Fox News and even the WSJ ignored it.

Another example: Project Veritas is getting Big Tech insiders to blow the whistle on how those companies censor conservative voices. Yesterday, a Google insider came out to detail how the company schemes to rig the 2020 election to prevent another Trump term, and the TV propagandists ignored it.

Another example: In foreign policy, Russia has a large battleship docked in the Cuban Havana Harbor. Putin is taunting Trump with threats of another Cuban Missile crisis. Yet there was zero coverage of this in the mainstream news.

Another example: Mexico sent 15,000 new troops to the US border to help curb the illegal alien caravans, and the press ignored it.

All of this is just from the last two-days of news. Americans are in the dark.

American democracy will fail when the bad actors seeking to abolish the constitution are allowed to operate without scrutiny and public awareness. That is not hyperbole. Our nation will cease to exist as a democracy very soon if the Trump administration does not act.

I propose a new anti-propaganda initiative to end this globalist multinational corporate control over the news.

First, the DOJ should force the news divisions to be divested. Disney must sell ABC. Comcast must sell NBC and MSNBC. AT&T musty sell CNN and any HBO news program. Fox News, now a small independent company, must not be allowed to be acquired.

Then, the Big Tech companies, such as Google and Facebook, must be broken up. Their monopoly over online ads is not only killing local news, but also allowing them to censor what most Americans see as the news.

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