The mystery of misleading Uber navigation apps solved

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November 11, 2017- by Steven E. Greer

When I am in New York or LA using Uber cars, I have noticed that the Uber navigation app, which is based on the Google navigation behind the scenes, sometimes sends the driver on routes that are far out of the way. I have had conversations with drivers and my best guess has been that Google was sabotaging Uber because Google had asked Uber to pay them for their navigation services. I also speculated that the longer routes might be generating more revenue.

I now doubt that those are the explanations. I recently used Wayz to go to a golf course. It sent me more than 10-miles out of my way. So, the artificial intelligence of these systems is simply prone to error.

By the way, this is a big reason why driverless cars in the complex traffic of cities are far off.

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