The mystery of the Miami lizards and the scientific method

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October 23, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

I have said many times over the last few years how I am amazed at the increase in size of the same species of lizard (the anole) in Miami as compared to just 80-miles away in Jupiter. In addition, Miami allows for entirely new species, such as the red-headed-agama or iguana, to thrive.

I am a biologist like Darwin or Ben Franklin. This has been an observation and interest of mine.

I think I figured out the mystery of the Miami lizards from my trip to Trump Doral this weekend for a golf tournament. The temperature was only 84°, but it was unbearably hot outside. Even people who live in Miami were commenting. It was a sunny day and the beams of the sun were more intense at that latitude than they are only 80-miles away in Jupiter. Why?

I then pondered that. I hypothesized that the power of the sun is exponentially greater, from latitude to latitude, the closer to the equator one goes. In other words, driving 80-miles from Jupiter to Miami has much more of an impact from the sun than driving 80-miles from Detroit to Toledo. I am sure that a high school physics teacher could explain it.

The lizards are biological evidence to support my hypothesis. Animals and plant species do not change in size unless there is a change in the light and temperature. These lizards are bigger because of a difference in solar energy emitted upon them.

This was an experiment I did in my mind. I did not actually have to conduct the experiment because the results were obvious. However, it uses the basic scientific method. It starts with an observation. Then, one generates an hypothesis that is plausible. Then, one does an experiment.

But it all starts with an observation and a question. Inquisitiveness is lacking these days. The tyrants want us to be sedated by iPhone dopamine surges. Critical thinking is a danger to the Orwellian state that tells us to not believe what we see.

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