The Mystery of the Raining Cuban tree-frogs

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September 14, 2019- by Steven Greer

This could be a Sherlock Holmes book, like The Hounds of the Baskerville. It would be The Mystery of the Raining Cuban Tree-Frogs.

These little baby Cuban tree-frogs appear out of nowhere when it rains. I first saw them after Hurricane Dorian and I thought they were blown in the wind. But that is not the case.
Only when it rains do they show up on my back porch.

They have to come from the swimming tadpole stage, which means they need to originate from the nearby golf course lake. But that is several hundred yards away, which seems like a long trek for these tiny things.

Where do they go and live right now? How do they show up so fast when it rains?

It is possible they live in the nearby hedges only a few feet away, or the taller trees 40-yards away. I wonder if they live on the roof or something and that’s why they fall off in the rain?

I drove out of the driveway and one fell onto my windshield. I swear, it seems like it is raining tree-frogs. Very strange?

Update February 15, 2021- I solved it. The frogs like to stay on the roof. Thus, they wash off in the rain.

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