The naïve generation who embraced masks and mandates

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April 23, 2022- by Steven E. Greer, MD

“Mask mandates return to college campuses as COVID-19 flares – CBS News”

Every young adult generation (teens to 20s) is vulnerable to gimmicks because they are young, naïve, and full of arrogance. They are too stupid to know that they are stupid.

In the early 70s, it was the hippies who were hijacked and used by the communist party. It is much like the BLM and pro-transgender people now.

Well, with these mask mandates being lifted, we are seeing that the generation most zealous about supporting masks are the people in their 20s. It is the same psychology as hippies back then. They truly think that they are morally superior to their parents’ generation.

This is just youth youth being exploited by big thinkers in academia and communist efforts. That age group always wants to be part of a big movement. They want to feel important because they are just becoming adults for the first time. Wearing masks to them is the same visible symbol moral righteousness as long hair and hippie attire was in the 70s.

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One Response to The naïve generation who embraced masks and mandates

  1. Vincent McGowan says:

    A bit stretched … but a good point.
    I have often thought that the Beat Generation of the 70’s now see masks as their symbol of belonging.

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