The Netflix Late Reviewer: American Hustle is a pretentious bore

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TV screen with feetApril 19, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

Let me do the community a big favor and save all of you 138-minutes of your life. Don’t rent American Hustle.

On the heels of the Academy Award Winning Silver Linings Playbook, Director David Russell attempted an edgy 1970’s period piece with American Hustle. Instead, he created an excruciatingly boring and pretentious load of dung.

Only the good cast saved this film and generated all of the 2014 Oscar buzz. Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bradley Cooper all did nice jobs, but they were not worthy of their four Oscar nominations.

The film was nominated as Best Picture too, which is just the result of crony politics within Hollywood. How in the world the screenplay, written by David Russell, and directing, also by Russell, were nominated as well is beyond belief.

American Hustle represents all that is wrong with the dying industry of Hollywood. Even though I watched much of it in fast-forward, I still am pissed off that I lost 90-minutes of my life.

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