The Netflix Late Reviewer: Game of Thrones

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Netflix TV screen feetDecember 30, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

Well, it has taken five years and watching the entire series three times for me to understand the plot of Game of Thrones. There is actually a bigger social message to it all.

The show depicts pagans, basically, doing bad things to one another. They worship fake gods created by the kings for convenience, like the Ancient Greeks. Overarching that is the plot of some angry real gods about to bring zombies and permanent winter to them all.

Already in the show, traditional Christian-type monk characters are taking shape. I predict that they all find religion this season.

What’s interesting to me is that the first series aired in 2011 has not aged a bit, because there are no social clues in it that a contemporary drama would have. There are no cars to age, no clothes to go out of style, etc.

The writing is pretty good, so it does not seem cliché now five years later. That is because it was all based on well thought out novels. However, those novels have all been used up, so the show from here on will be interesting to watch to see whether it starts to stink and jump the shark.

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