The Netflix Late Reviewer: Mulholland Drive

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Netflix TV screen feetJuly 24, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

Continuing with my tour of David Lynch films, after Twin Peaks the TV series and then the feature film, I watched Mulholland Drive which came out in 2001. This is where Naomi Watts got her big break.

Mulholland Drive has a very similar supernatural surrealism to it that one sees in Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks. Like other directors, Lynch dipped into his cast of comfortable collaborators from past projects. The music is by Angelo Badalamenti and several of the actors have been seen before in Twin Peaks.

Mulholland Drive was supposed to be a TV series, but ABC rejected it after the pilot. This was way before intricate-plot-dramas and binge watching were in demand. Sopranos on HBO had not yet become a phenomenon. However, like Twin peaks, Lynch makes a better movie than TV series in Mulholland Drive.

The film takes place in the Hollywood Hills and is very gritty. The style fits in with the LA genre of the time, with other films, such as Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction released many years earlier.

At the time, the weird dream-like plot was something very unusual for filmgoers. It is essentially a visual depiction of a young actress’s nightmare right before she spirals into insanity brought on by jealousy.

This is a quite enjoyable film to watch. Lynch has a great eye and good taste in beauty when it comes to casting. It is a very sexual flick. Mulholland Drive is worth adding to your Netflix queue.

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