The Netflix late reviewer: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens

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Netflix TV screen feetMay 4, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

I suppose there was a reason that I delayed so long in seeing Star Wars that it was no longer in theaters. My instincts were right. I finally saw it on DVD, and it is brain numbing.

This film is childish even by 5th grader standards. It also suffers from the modern Hollywood formula of cramming in nonstop explosions and action, because that is what sells well in China and around the globe.

This Star Wars is also a rip-off of the originals. The new characters are just slight variations on the original characters. Director J.J. Abrams should be ashamed.

George Lucas must be turning over in his grave. But wait, he is not dead. So, how did this abomination happen?

The only “dark side” or “force” in these new Disney versions of Star Wars is corporate greed. George Lucas made a deal with the devil by selling his life’s work to the suits. In an interview with Charlie Rose last year, he openly regretted the decision, despite the billions that they paid him.

For the youngsters, they don’t know any better. Your kids will like this crap. But for anyone who is a fan of the originals, Star Wars VII is boring, childish, poorly cast, and not worth seeing.

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