The GOP House needs to expunge the Trump articles of impeachment in 2020

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Update February 5, 2020- The House is planning to expunge the impeachment of Trump. This is my idea and I am not delusional.

I caused this with my essay, below, that congressmen saw on Twitter and via email. The House idea first started on Twitter days after my essay. That is a fact. I called the congressman’s office after I saw them tweet it.

Was it an obvious idea that multiple people could have had simultaneously? Maybe. Who knows? But it was not so obvious that Fox News or any other platform was discussing it. I know that.

When I had the idea, I had to speak to a corporate law firm partner to learn the analogies between the impeachment process and normal crimes. That is why I correctly called for “expungement”

December 19, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

Every year, tens of thousands of Americans are wrongly arrested and the charges never even make it to court at all. If the charges do go before a criminal court, the vast majority are dismissed. However, the victims of these civil rights violations still live with a tainted record that harms every job, rental, or loan application. The remedy for this is to expunge the records of those wrongly arrested.

The House of congress yesterday wrongfully passed two articles of impeachment against President Trump. Neither of the articles (i.e. abuse of power and obstruction of congress) were even violations spelled out by Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution (i.e. “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”)

The Senate will not convict President Trump. They will acquit him. Therefore, Trump’s reputation will be stained unfairly, just like a person wrongfully arrested who had the charges tossed and the arrest record remains.

Of course, this is the entire point of this charade. The Democrats know they will be facing a second term of Trump and are maneuvering for ways to stall his progress by delegitimizing him.

The second that the economy turns or he makes a misstep, they will impeach him again if they retain the House in 2020. If the Democrats are the minority after the 2020 elections, their propaganda arms in the media will forever preface “Trump” with “Impeached Trump” They will continue to foment hate and violence at the grass roots level.

Given the strong chance that the Republicans will take back the House in 2020, they need to make the first act be one of a floor vote to erase the articles of impeachment, or expunge them. There is nothing in the constitution that prohibits this. The Supreme Court, actually, could be the branch of government to do this.

This essay is the first time that this concept has been raised. Look for others to start talking about this.

Update December 20, 2019- This is straight from my tweets and this story that was emailed to hundreds of staffers in congress! I started this:

“@RepLeeZeldin After Americans vote to expunge House Dems from the majority for all the right reasons in Nov 2020, House Republicans should vote to expunge yesterday’s impeachment vote for all the right reasons in Jan 2021.”

Update December 20, 2019- A lawyer I know who used to be the senior staff lawyer for the Senate Intelligence committee, who helps out Team Trump, replied to me. His belief is that the impeachment is not a certified real impeachment until it gets delivered to the Senate. Therefore, if Pelosi never does that, then it is NOT a real impeachment.

Moreover, a simple rules change in the Senate can reverse the house actions, he said. In other words, Trump has not yet been impeached.

I told you so.

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3 Responses to The GOP House needs to expunge the Trump articles of impeachment in 2020

  1. Julie G says:

    The GOP won’t be in power in 2020.

  2. Editor says:

    Wishful thinking

  3. Julie G says:

    So much more than wishful. 🙂

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