The new Tire Swing Pork Park

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May 8, 2010

The old “Tire Swing Park” was bulldozed last year over the protests of many families in Battery Park City. It was a park design with natural materials such as wood, sand, grass, etc. Families loved it because it offered rare shade in the summer time, among other reasons.

The new park is almost completed. The design incorporates considerable amounts of modern steel, concrete, and rubber.

The reviews are coming in, and they are not good. We realize that it might shape up over the next month.

One local resident wrote, “Not an ounce of F-en real grass!” Another wrote, “It resembles a new subway station or Frank Gehry building more than a natural playground.”

Decide for yourself. Post some comments.


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2 Responses to The new Tire Swing Pork Park

  1. J Guccia says:

    You know I agree!!! Thanks for voicing what I have been feeling every time I look out my window!!!

  2. LB says:

    Not a F-en ounce of real grass!

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