The new trend in NYC fashion is “All black”

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Update August 15, 2015- Told you so. Bill Cunningham of the NYT has one of his street fashion pieces on the black and white trend on 2015. BatteryPark.TV was way ahead of this.

black styles 2015 summerUpdate August 9, 2015- The stores have finally caught up and are displaying black clothing in the windows.

Black 10June 17, 2015- By Steven E. Greer

Over the last week, I have seen so many women in Brookfield and Goldman Sachs wearing all black dresses that I thought a special event was taking place. I began to ask, and the ladies just said that they were wearing normal clothes. However, this is a major trend that has taken off, and no one can pinpoint where it started.

I took all of these photos in about 10-minutes. I’d say that half of the women were wearing all black.Black 11 Black 12Black 9

Black 1 Black 2 Black 3 Black 4 Black 5 Black 6 Black 7 Black 8

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