The New York premier of Roger Waters The Wall

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September 28, 2015- by Steven E. Greer

I have been suckered into many movie “premiers” of big budget films, only to find myself in a theater surrounded by normal teenagers taking part in a “word of mouth” marketing campaign. Knowing that, I did not take my invitation to the premier of Roger Waters The Wall seriously.

I strolled in to the Ziegfeld Theater at 6:30 to find my Will Call tickets given away. Fortunately, a nice lady found me some more.

Then, to my great surprise and pleasure, I saw Roger Waters a few feet from me on the red carpet, along with G.E. Smith and others.

I sat in the prime seating area, and was once again pleased to see Roger Waters come out and give a brief talk. After that, the film began.

It is footage from the 2013 tour of The Wall, which I saw at Yankee Stadium, and also in 2010 at MSG. Edited in throughout the concert footage is about 20-minutes of personal footage of Waters visiting war memorials and telling stories in a surreal style that fits in with the fiction of The Wall. You will enjoy it.

Then, as the lights came on, I was stunned to realize that the members of the touring band and Roger’s family were two rows in front of me. One member of the crew seating nearby asked Robbie Wycoff (vocal replacing David Gilmour) as he was getting up, “Is it weird to watch yourself?”. Harry Waters, Roger’s oldest son and member of the band, walked by with his other siblings.

It was quite a special night and one that I did not expect. This has been a very cool September in New York.

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