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June 22, 2011

As we have speculated for months, Bloomberg is now reporting that Apple might announce this Fall the introduction of a 50-inch living room TV/computer

February 19, 2011

The next big frontier in tech gadgets will be Smart TVs.

We asked senior product development people at Sony, makers of Google TV, whether they have a TV that has memory storage capacity whereby one can store music, videos, etc on the hard drive of the TV. They do not.

A Sony spokesperson wrote, ” We currently do not have a TV with storage.  We have the Sony Internet TV’s powered by Google (offered 22”-46”) that allow you to surf the internet through the Google Browser directly through your TV.  It would not be a solution to what you are using your computer for with storage, video editing, etc.”

Of course, they could make this easily. The Sony Vaio L-series is essentially a Sony TV screen with a full computer inside. The reason they do not make an all-in-one TV is that it would cannibalize all of their other gadgets and PCs.

Then, we recalled a rumor that Apple might be going after the 50-inch TV market with Apple TVs that have computers inside. If that works, Apple will then dominate all forms of media, assuming people capitulate and allow themselves to become slaves to Steve Jobs’ idea for the universe and have all media go through iTunes.

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