The Oligarchs are a Bigger Threat to Our Freedoms than the Deep State

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June 12, 2021- by Steven E. Greer

Most people are focused on these “Deep State” rogue government characters as being the big dangers to the nation. However, the private-sector oligarch billionaires are more dangerous.

Recently, some video clips surfaced of oligarch Bill Gates openly talking about his plans to use vaccines to change our DNA and control the world. On numerous occasions during interviews, he was acting like a raving mad man straight out of an Austin Powers spoof. None of this has gotten much attention until now, due to his divorce. We are finally seeing Bill Gates as the crazy nut-job that many people suspected.

Meanwhile, we have seen the behavior of oligarch Tom Steyer during the 20202 debates. We also saw Michael Bloomberg and his delusions of grandeur. We know about George Soros already.

At least a government official in the Deep State has some sort of sense of checks and balances. They think they have to answer to the law a little bit. But these billionaires literally think they have no constraints. They sit there and scheme up grand new visions for the world as if they control billions of people with impunity.

Being a billionaire, they know that they will never be arrested for anything. They know the weak and corrupted politicians, they they get elected in the first place, do whatever they say. They know the Deep State individuals all dream of working for them some day. They know they control private-sector “Deep State” spy companies and the computer servers that run the actual Deep State.

These billionaires don’t have government officials around them telling them they can’t do things. The see no limits on their power. They are maniacal. We now have thousands and thousands of these billionaires who are all maniacs.

We see them building rockets and going to Mars. These men are all maniacs.

Mark Zuckerberg thinks he owns Hawaii. He is over there now dressing up in military gear and shooting wild boar with a bow. Jeff Bezos is launching rockets that look like giant dildos.

The story that has not been discussed in the media much, because the oligarchs own the media, is how all of this creation of fake money by the central banks of the world has fueled the stock market bubble, which has created thousands and thousands of billionaires. (Ironically, the oligarchs are starting to use their own money, cryptocurrency, because they know the fake money that got them rich has no value.)

The oligarchs were behind the election rigging of 2020. President Obama or the Democrat party was not smart enough to do it. People like Mark Zuckerberg paid for local efforts in key swing states to manipulate ballots and use fraudulent electronic voting systems. It was all the private sector that rigged the election.

Now that they have gotten away with the crime of all crimes, they see themselves as having absolutely no bounds or limits. The biggest threat to our freedoms is coming from these oligarch billionaires. They control the elected officials and the Deep State. They will not give up power voluntarily.

Update June 27, 2021- Stephen Miller seems to have read my essay

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2 Responses to The Oligarchs are a Bigger Threat to Our Freedoms than the Deep State

  1. LB says:

    Damn good point that once again, NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT because they don’t want any focus on their billions. Gates is a whack job.

  2. Chester says:

    Bill Gates was a whack job in 199 6during his antitrust trial rocking back forth like a petulant infant

    Has everyone forgot how he stole ideas that destroyed Netscape etc

    the movie Antitrust is an accurate description of this evil man

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