The Original Globalists

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July 26, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

Given that I write constantly about modern communism and globalism of the WEF Fourth Reich, I am surprised that I have not done this before. I am learning about the original globalists. Their strategies back in the late 1800s and early 1900s are exactly what the modern-day globalists are doing now.

JD Rockefeller invented the espionage spy-craft used later by the CIA, KGB, etc. His global Standard Oil had a large corporate espionage unit that he used to stifle opponents. That Machiavellian manipulation of governments is what the WEF/Klaus Schwab and CCP are doing now.

In the early 1900s, the Rothschild family got in on the oil party and created Shell over in Europe. They copied Rockefeller’s monopolistic strategies.

JD Rockefeller developed a terrible reputation after a journalist published a series of stories on him. He then started to use propaganda just like we see today.

When you see Bill Gates, for example, pretend to donate money to some charity or hospital, JD Rockefeller invented that strategy. Rockefeller started to put his name on hospitals, founded the University of Chicago, etc. It was all to fix his reputation.

Rockefeller was also interested in curing infectious diseases in Africa like Bill Gates. Beware of the altruistic billionaire claiming to cure diseases.

(And 200 years before the oil boom and the secret shadow governments created by Rockefeller, et al, there were the opium and slave trades that led to The East India Trading Company and globalist families that owned stock in that.)

The common theme to the globalists is a man who becomes the wealthiest in the world by creating a global monopoly. Living that way, he naturally views nationalism, borders, and true democracy as hindrances.

The middle class is the globalist’s biggest obstacle. Inflation is intentionally caused by central banks to keep the middle class in check.

As I learn more, I am sure I will find that every war was created by design to serve the needs of these globalists. For example, how WW1 started is very suspicious. Of course, the Ukraine war is openly waged to serve the needs of the crooks.

These globalists get away with their schemes because democracy is flawed. Elected officials have been corrupt since the Roman Empire.

I propose a radical change to democracy. Elected officials should be stripped of power. They should be glorified personal assistants in DC. All of the votes should be cast by the citizens.


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