The parallels between McCarthyism and Anti-Trumpism

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January 8, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I watched the PBS American Experience episode on Joe McCarthy and his witch hunts to root out communists in the 1950’s. It is stunning how the far-left fascist tactics of today so closely mirror those of far-right McCarthy:

  • Back then, McCarthy went from being a loser failure in the senate to gaining power by orchestrating his radical anti-American hearings centered around Russian communist fear mongering. Today, we have total losers, such as Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, and Pelosi getting drunk with power and the limelight, hyping Russian communist threats.
  • Back then, the only thing that made McCarthy relevant was a complicit press. Communism scared people and McCarthy’s efforts to uncover communists embedded among us sold newspapers. The press created McCarthyism. Today, the press is complicit with the Democrat anti-Trump agenda. Goofballs like Adam Schiff would have zero relevance if it were not for the propagandists in the press.
  • Back then, there were book burnings of anything remotely communist, or censorship. Today, we have censorship from Twitter, Facebook, and the old-media. Senator Kamala Harris openly tried to coerce her colleges into forcing Twitter to shut down Trump’s account.
  • Back then, people lost jobs if they were even rumored to be affiliated with any communists. Today, millions of people working in government and entertainment are afraid to say they like Trump. Anyone living in any city has to be careful about wearing pro-Trump hats or else they will be violently attacked.
  • Back then, there was anti-Russian propaganda spewed by the Republicans. Today, the same thing is spewed by the Democrats.
  • Back then, Roy Cohn was the crooked federal prosecutor working for McCarthy. Today, the Mueller Russian witch hunt was orchestrated by crooked prosecutors, such as Rod Rosenstein and Andrew Weisman.
  • Back then, McCarthy’s committee did not allow the Democrats to hire their own staff, so they quit. It was a one-party committee. Today, we see the one-party sham in the House that created a fake impeachment never consummated by the delivery of the articles of impeachment to the senate.
  • The top figures back then led scandalous lives at night while being self-righteous by day. McCarthy was possibly gay and an alcoholic who died from liver failure at age 48.  Roy Cohn was gay too, dying of AIDS in the 1980’s, but never came out of the closet. Why does that matter? McCarthy and Cohn were hypocrites pretending to be All-American patriots. Today, we have Pelosi who is the drunk, the Clintons who are pedophiles, the Bidens who get strippers pregnant while smoking crack, etc. All of whom are pretending to be defenders of the constitution and fans of the Founding Fathers.
  • Back then, no one stood up to McCarthy and his fascism, so he got away with it until Eisenhower took him down. Today, few are standing up to the far-left tactics of the Democrats and they got away with for three-years.

None of the above is coincidence. The lefty losers of today are digging up the historical records and copying the past. They have low intelligence and no imagination. The dimwits think they can resurrect the past.

Ironically, there really were card-carrying pinko communists heavily populated within Hollywood, DC, and academia. That was because it was not until after the 1950’s that the failures of communism and the atrocities of communist countries gave the movement a bad name. Before that, the coastal elites gobbled up communism. But McCarthy’s flaws overshadowed the evil of communism.

Liberal PBS made this American Experience episode to smear Trump as being like McCarthy. It was a stretch, but because Trump hired Roy Cohn as a lawyer in the 1980’s, they want the viewer to see him as McCarthy reincarnated. In fact, the McCarthy stain is being repeated by the liberal base of PBS. They are in such a deep rabbit hole that they can’t see it.


Update January 23, 2020- My essay directly led to this comment by Rep. Nunes, above. It was a novel observation I made that no one was talking about.

Update February 25, 2021- Now, the media and Republicans are using my original observation to describe the efforts by Democrats in the House to de-platform Fox, Newsmax, and OANN.

Update May 13, 2022- @ZeroHedge: Today’s ‘Diversity’ Oaths Resemble 1950s ‘Loyalty’ Oaths

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4 Responses to The parallels between McCarthyism and Anti-Trumpism

  1. Editor says:

    Twitter wants me to reveal my cell phone before activating and I refuse. They have already shadow-banned the account making it invisible to most people.

  2. Editor says:

    One does not have to do anything other than follow the wrong people to get banned.

    On Amazon, a squeaky clean Yale lawyer was blocked from posting a book review of Rules to Stop Radicals, etc.

    The censorship is out of control.

  3. Charles says:

    Dr Greer your article about the parallels between McCarthyism and the liberal lunatics is absolutely brilliant.

  4. Editor says:

    Many thanks

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