The Parm floor plan

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Parm floor planFebruary 3, 2015- Oops. We were looking at the wrong space for Parm all along. The corner lot at North End Avenue and Vesey is not where Parm will be going in. That is an empty spot not yet leased. Presumably, it will be a restaurant too.

At the CB1 meeting tonight, the Parm team won board approval for the liquor license and presented the details of the restaurant. We snapped a photo of the floor plan.

We spoke with Jeff Zalaznick, and they are optimistic that they will open by April. This is the best news to happen to starved BPC residents in a long time. Right now, we only have one good restaurant. There will soon be two.

Parm ZalaznickParm bar 1-31-2015 Parm-chicken-parmesian-heroParm ice cream cake

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