The PEP welcome homeless to stay in our parks

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June 28, 2011

On June 28, a local resident once again informed BatteryPark.TV of a homeless man in Rector Park. The same man has encamped himself in the park. He had a large cluster of trash bags and scared away a father and son playing on the lawn.

We called the Park Enforcement Patrol (PEP) offices and documented the interaction. As suspected, they did nothing to enforce the laws and the homeless man laughed in their face, literally. The PEP sergeant we spoke with (who was not disciplined and relocated this winter and is a holdover of the old crew) was belligerent, interruptive, and accused us as “having a problem” with homeless, as if they are normal citizens enjoying the park. These are the same PEP who will find the energy and will to harass law abiding citizens simply walking their dogs.

To volunteer or donate money to the nearest homeless shelter, contact (212) 226-6214 or go to

About this story, Tess Huxley manages the PEP, and once again refused to comment, as did the BPCA who employs Ms. Huxley and contracts with the city for the PEP “security” to our neighborhood.

Watch the video and audio exchange for yourself.

(Viewable in full screen 1080iHD)

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