The Pier 26 restaurant is just sad

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Update March 11, 2015- A dog walker with a blog is claiming that the Pier 26 restaurant will not open this year (as we predicted), and that Madelyn Wils confirmed this. No one from the HRPT will reply to our questions. We continue to believe that the entire HRPT is managed by imbeciles.

Update January 15, 2015- For almost two years, an outer shell of what will become a restaurant on Pier 26 has sat as an ugly, sad, stalled construction project. At the CB1 Tribeca meeting last night, the head of the HRPT, Madeline Wils, gave an update. Nothing was mentioned about the restaurant nor did any of the numbskulls on the CB1 ask.

April 13, 2014- By Steven E. Greer

I was walking by the stalled Pier 26 restaurant project and saw a Chelsea couple pondering what it was all about. I told them that it was “The restaurant going nowhere”.

Also, the boathouse that was supposed to open in April does not seem to be close to meeting that goal. Recall, the HRPT updated the community on the pier last month.

The mismanagement of Pier 26 by Madelyn Wils and her HRPT is just pathetic. The Hudson River Park is now an eyesore and source of crime. The Governor needs to act.

Downtown Boathouse to open at Pier 26 in April

BatteryPark.TV shapes state bill A8031 relating to Pier 26

Exclusive: HRPT defies CB1 on Pier 26

The stealth new Pier 26 restaurant

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