The police and courts need to do something about noisy problem dogs

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May 17, 2015- We have previously reported on the lone problematic dog in the neighborhood, a beagle, that barks loudly in West Thames dog run and upsets the other dogs with aggressive play. The PEP and police will do nothing about it. In New York, the pendulum has swung so far in favor of dog owners that any amount of noise is tolerated with impunity, and the belligerent owners know it.

The Post reports on a hound in Queens that barks so much that it has caused neighbors to send nasty notes and possibly even attempt to poison the nuisance. “”Your dog barks all day long, loudly and without end,” one said. “I have to turn up the music to drown out the barking, but I don’t necessarily want that. I want some peace and quiet in my own home.”

Another missive growled: “Get out now McPherson. Nobody likes you or your loud dog!”

McPherson was so scared he installed a tiny black surveillance camera outside his apartment. So far, it hasn’t revealed the hound hater.””

The vast majority of dog owners in BPC are respectful of others and do not allow their dogs to urinate on the sidewalks or bark too much. However, all it takes is one bad apple to turn South End Avenue into a dog sewer or disturb the peace to hundreds of dwellers near the West Thames dog run. The authorities need to show some discretion and common sense and tackle the outliers.


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  1. neighbor says:

    We have the same problem on the esplanade. For some reason, on an almost daily basis from springtime right through to the fall, dog owners stop to chat at the top of their lungs and let their dogs keep barking right outside our windows by the Merchants restaurant non-stop, sometimes an hour or more at a time- it could be 7:00am or earlier, or 7:00pm or later.

    It’s so annoying and stressful because my children get woken up or are doing homework/studying and the noise, whether our windows are open or shut is unbearable. I raised my children to be respectful of others, when and where they can make noise. I wish the dog owners could be more respectful of their neighbors. Not everyone likes to hear their loud conversations and barking dogs, just like no one would want to hear a child making unnecessary noise for an hour straight.

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