The police need better gadgets to subdue people under arrest

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 February 3, 2015- By Steven E. Greer, MD

Making the news again is another video of NYPD having trouble manually subduing a man under arrest. The current tactics require man-to-man wrestling and fighting. This is barbaric and unfair to both the police officers and people being arrested.

There are numerous tools and gadgets developed already that can subdue someone without the police officer ever having to touch the perpetrator. Nets can be fired from  riot guns. Lassos can be placed around the chest and arms, and as a last resort, electrical stimulation (i.e. Tasers) can be used.

Every time a team of police officers gang up and tackle an arrestee, it is a recipe for disaster. The police get hurt and the arrestee can die, under the best of circumstances. In many cases, tempers flare and people get shot dead.

If I were a cop, I’d go to an outdoorsman store and buy gadgets that hunters and rodeo people use to subdue large animals. It would be more humane to everyone.

(Note: Tasers are also deadly and easily abused. They should not be issued to all police to use as the first line defense.)

(Second note: Stop filming in the vertical portrait mode, people. Come on.)

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