The Post comments on HBO’s True Detective: Season 2

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July 30, 2015- The Post comments on HBO’s True Detective: Season 2, “While it would have been nearly impossible for the second season of “True Detective” to live up to the crazy brilliance of its first season, this summer’s version — starring Colin Farrell, Rachel McAdams and the frightfully miscast Vince Vaughn — is one of the all-time-TV misfires. Critics have buried the show and audiences have given up. The promos after last Sunday’s episode said, Shonda Rhimes-style, “There are only Two. Episodes. Left.”

But don’t hold your breath. The only mystery of this “True Detective” is how this script was given the green light — or why the actors did not walk off the sets to strangle their agents for signing them up for this trainwreck.”

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