The psy-op propaganda on display at the Super Bowl

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February 12, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

I am halfway done with a new book that goes over all the different ways people can be influenced by propaganda and brainwashing. In the middle of the book, it talks about government Big Brother psy-op techniques. It is very useful. I instinctively knew most of what is in the book, but it is good to know proper terminology, past authors on the subjects, etc.

What we saw on display at the Super Bowl was multiple different strategies of propaganda commonly used by totalitarian regimes. It is used at the individual level, in torture, and on a mass scale.

First, commercials are by definition propaganda. They are laden with cultural brainwashing agendas. There were too many commercials to discuss here.

The “Black National Anthem” sung before the game is a classic Mao-CCP maneuver to divide a nation. Communists (or this hybrid of fascism and communism we have now), needs to take over a target nation by weakening it in various ways. Creates class warfare is one.

After the game was over, when everybody with a brain knew the game was thrown, Joe Biden’s official account posted a photo of him with evil red laser eyes saying “Just like we drew it up”. This post had two purposes. For the very dumb and gullible, it was trying to make it sound like an implausible “conspiracy theory” that the NFL is rigged. More importantly, for the majority of citizens who know that it is rigged, this is an effort by the President of the United States to demoralize MAGA. He is saying, “I know you know, and I don’t care”.

Of course, that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce hoax is meant to sway the election. We all know that. It is laughable.

The NSA Warp Speed military propaganda team was doing its thing by promoting Pfizer. The Pfizer commercial advertising that their next line of drugs will go after cancer was just outrageous. Their COVID “vaccines” have cancer promoting genes that change the genome of the patient. We are seeing waves of turbo cancer caused by Pfizer.

The most sinister and overlooked totalitarian propaganda was the commercial before the kickoff that memorialized the Maui “natural disaster”. That was inserted by the ultra-rogue deep state that organized this mass murder to steal valuable land (like East Palestine). They are trying to normalize Maui and make it seem like a sad natural disaster.

Some journalists traveled to Maui last week. Not a single one of those homeowners has been allowed to rebuild or go back to their house. Why? It’s not like it is a radioactive toxic site. Nobody is getting any financial help because the deep state wants everyone to move away.

I do not understand why even people like Robert Kennedy or Tucker Carlson are not talking about this. No politician is going to East Palestine, Ohio either. This should be a no-brainer for Kennedy if he wants to win Ohio. Are these politicians too afraid of this deep-deep-state?

I suppose there is something hopeful to come out of this. It is my sense that the majority of Americans can see through all of it. These totalitarian regime tactics were meant for the Cold War before the Internet. It does not work as long as there is free speech on Twitter and other platforms. People are not stupid.

It only worked for about a year after COVID because it was such a new event. Even smart people did not know what to make of this brand new virus and how to handle it. However, the majority of Americans figured out quickly that lockdowns were being implemented in arbitrary ways, that mask are signs of obedience, and so forth.

There is a credible theory by some academicians that modern cultures goes through about an 80-year cycle of boom and bust. We are at the end of a cycle and entering the decline and fall phase. It is a stressing event that will trigger major change. This is all a healthy process, believe it or not, and usually results in a brief period of prosperity afterwards.


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