The reason that skateboard vandalism and speeding mopeds are a menace to BPC

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March 31, 2012 By Steven Greer, MD

The BPCA held a town hall meeting on March 29th, and two of the biggest concerns from the community were the growing problems of skateboarders vandalizing the parks, and food deliverymen speeding on electric mopeds, jeopardizing the safety of pedestrians. The parks PEP have the authority to issue tickets to these offenders, as well as confiscate and impound the mopeds.

If just a few deliverymen lost their mopeds or received a ticket, word would get out and there would likely be a dramatic reduction in violations. Likewise, if just a few teenagers were summonsed to juvenile court for skateboard vandalism, their social networks would spread the word quickly that BPC is not a soft target.

However, the PEPs have been hamstrung by BPCA CEO Gayle Horwitz and are forbidden from issuing tickets. Why? We explain in this video segment.

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