The reason your doorman is buried in boxes

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Doorman with boxesDecember 23, 2013- The WSJ confirms what you have undoubtedly noticed: there are more boxes flowing through your doorman’s office. In today’s paper, “The pace has picked up since then for Mr. Harper and the city’s thousands of doormen as the boom in online commerce during the holiday season has turned them into their buildings’ de facto postal clerks. They are expected to shepherd and track a constant flow of boxes from FedEx, UPS and the U.S. Postal Service through their lobbies—and are sometimes conscripted into a crucial, late-stage role in the gifting process. Some doormen say it started as long as six years ago. Others say the surge started more recently. But they all say the volume of packages delivered to their buildings during the holidays has ballooned in recent years, bringing the rush of a mailroom to their once-peaceful front desks.”

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