The scaffolding scourge

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scaffold on warrne bed bath beyondNovember 7, 2015- The latest unnecessary scaffolding hurting retail is commerce is by the entrance to Bed Bath and Beyond on Warren Street. It’s a new building. There is no way this scaffolding is necessary.

October 13, 2011 By Steven Greer, MD

In case you have not noticed because it is so common that you have become desensitized to it, there is an epidemic of unsightly sidewalk scaffoldings that have sprouted up in Battery Park City recently. Throughout New York City, since the real estate bust of 2007 that still lingers on, more and more buildings seem to have permanent scaffolding. Why?

We first reported on  the new structures at 225 Rector Place. To explain why these expensive structures seem to be embraced by building owners, and indeed kept up long after any work to the building is accomplished, we interviewed real estate lawyer Luigi Rosabianca. In this video, he takes us on a walking tour of the more egregious scaffoldings and explains “Local Law 11” that mandates scaffolding be erected every five years.

We also interview two local business owner who have been impacted by scaffoldings over their business for five years: Bobby Van’s steak house on Broad Street and Downtown Cellars on Liberty and Nassau.

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