The Single Component That Makes Me an Ohioan is College Football

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Texas A&M fans storm the field after defeating #1 Alabama

October 10, 2021- by Steven Greer

The first large venues to defy the communist mask mandates were college football stadiums in the South. We saw the LSU fans defy the anti-Trump propaganda as cheer President Trump when he attended a game in 2020. Then, the rest of the college fans in the North followed. This year, they are chanting “F Joe Biden” all over the country.

It all made me realize that college football is a critical component of Real American culture. In fact, college football is the singular cultural component of “Steven Greer” that makes me an “Ohioan” at all (and golf).

The truth is that I have nothing in common with the rude, dumb people from Ohio and I hate the gray, dismal, ugly state, for the most part. I have not visited my family in three years. I moved to New York and then Florida 25-years ago and rarely look back.

(TWENTY-FIVE-YEARS. Time flies.)

But college football is the one thing about Ohio that was imprinted on me as a small child. I was raised watching the Buckeyes and even briefly walked-on as a very bad wide receiver.

College football is important to Americans like me. It combines the black and white races perfectly as a united team. It combines fans of all types. It epitomizes the traits needed to succeed in non-communist rule. There are winners and there are losers. There are no victims. There is no right to equity in college football. You have to work your ass off and take blows to your body in order to succeed.

Spoiled high school stars get a dose of reality when they come to big college football teams. It is far better than serving in the military in terms of life training, I argue. Americans know this and are more loyal fans to college teams than the NFL.

College football is so powerful that the communist factions running the actual universities have not dared to intervene when the maskless convene in the stadium. They know it would be suicide.

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