The “Stop Drinking Coffee” campaign

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BatteryPark.TV is starting the Stop Coffee campaign in an attempt to persuade as many people as we can to end their addiction to caffeine. Caffeinated sodas and energy drinks are also targets of the crusade.

Every day, hundreds of millions of people begin their day by drinking a cup of coffee, often spending exorbitant prices at coffee shops chains. This coffee is not optional or pleasurable, but rather just a fix for an addiction. Most coffee drinkers have more than one cup a day, triggering caffeine headaches, trips to the bathroom because caffeine is a diuretic, stained teeth, elevated blood pressure, and the inevitable crash in energy shortly after drinking the coffee. Like cigarette smoking, drinking coffee and caffeinated sodas just prevents the negatives of withdrawal rather than delivering a productive or pleasurable sensation.

Making matters worse, most of the “Lattes” and so forth from Starbucks, McDonald’s, etc all have large quantities of sugar added, making them more fattening than a piece of cake. It is now known than sugar increases blood pressure and is turned into fat by the liver. 60 Minutes recently featured UCSF Professor Lustig discussing how sugar is a toxin that should be regulated like tobacco.

Quitting the caffeine habit is easy to do and you will be glad you did. If you think that you are weak and need that coffee to wake up in the morning, you don’t. After only a day or so of stopping coffee, you will find that you no longer have those mid-day crashes of energy. Your trips to the bathroom will diminish and your wallet will be fatter.

Take the BatteryPark.TV challengeand stop the coffee habit. Tell us your story and we will post your video on the site.

By Steven Greer, MD

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