The super cool new drug: Marijuana

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May 31, 2015- By Steven E. Greer, MD

I was watching Green Day give their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame acceptance speech and the singer made some references to smoking pot, as if it was his generation’s thing. I have wondered to myself why pot is something that people aged 45 and younger think is the defining moment of their generation. Do they not realize that the 60’s were defined by weed?

That is why, on May 28th, quietly at a small benefit for rehab honoring Pete Townshend, the wise one said sarcastically, after being introduced by Bruce Springsteen, that “I don’t want to offend any pot smokers. I realize it’s the great new thing” (9:45 mark of the video). He was making fun of the younger dipshits of the millennial and Gen-X generations who think that pot is so new and cool.

I read Pete’s autobiography. The Who and his work never took off until he stopped smoking pot. He would linger around the apartment and create nothing while high on weed. Even though he went on to abuse alcohol and cocaine, he was still far more productive than when he was tranquilized on weed. (Of note, Mayor de Blasio is chronically late because he smokes weed).

Aside, playing at this MusicCares benefit on May 28th with The Who, Springsteen, Billy Idol, and others, was Simon Townshend. He was a bigger addict than Pete his brother, having gotten into heroin. Pete keeps him on tour with him to prevent him from relapsing, I think.


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