The U.S. and Russia should merge

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January 13, 2017- by Steven E. Greer, MD

Here’s another big idea I have for 2017, and I bet that Vladimir Putin is already thinking about it: Russia’s power will soon end as solar and electric take over, making their oil and gas exports less needed.

Meanwhile, Russia and the US share many cultural components, such as religion, race, science, the war on terrorism (and the war on Nazis too), etc. Also, Russia has pretty women, valuable land assets, and is close to China.

Why couldn’t Russia merge with the U.S.? They would have to agree to abandon corruption and communism, of course (easier said than done). The natural resources of Russia would be nice for the U.S., particularly as Siberia thaws and the Arctic melts, creating a shipping path.

Alternatively, taking baby steps, why can’t Russia join NATO? The new enemy is China and radical Islam with nukes. We are not fighting Russia, as much as President Obama and war-hawks like John McCain want us to.

Update June 13, 2017- I watched the Showtime Oliver Stone interviews with Vladimir Putin and was shocked to learn that Putin has already proposed joining NATO. I posed that option in the essay below, unaware of the fact that Putin suggested joining NATO when he met with Bill Clinton.

What is abundantly clear to me, after seeing these interviews, is that Putin is desperately trying to become an ally with The United States. He also made overtures to George W. Bush.

Putin realizes that his country has many serious issues and that he cannot maintain his hold on power forever. Soon, their main export, oil, will become less needed as solar and electric cars take off. The masses are growing restless too.

So, why isn’t the U.S. jumping at this chance to turn a nuclear threat into an ally? There is nearly a trillion-dollar-per-year military and spy industry that needs Russia to be the bad guy and an excuse for its existence.

It is the same reason why the U.S. rebuffed Castro in 1959 when he visited The White House asking to partner with the America. Vice President Nixon forced Castro to turn to the Russians and become a communist threat 90-miles from our shores.

This is why that “deep state” is so afraid of President Trump. They know that Trump could buck the establishment and make peace with Russia.

There are 1.4 million people with Top Secret clearance. A third of those are private contractor spies working for companies like Booz Allen. The military spends approximately $550 billion a year on weapons and support. Peace with Russia would be a very bad thing for them.

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  1. JD says:

    Also, if global warming is not a hoax, then Siberia is about to become the most valuable real estate on earth.

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