The Weekly Summary: 2-27-2022

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February 21st – February 27th                 2022

In the general news, Russia’s dictator Vladmir Putin decided to pounce on the opportunity created by the Biden administration’s weakness and attempt to regain control of Ukraine with military action. He then put his nuclear forces on alert over the weekend as Germany and the rest of NATO surprisingly made efforts to defend Ukraine, which is not a NATO nation. Joe Biden’s Friday press conference was feckless. When Russia threatened to down the ISS, Elon Musk said SpaceX would protect it. Because of those events, the other important story, the totalitarian regime in Canada, was overshadowed. PM Trudeau blinked and relinquished the emergency powers of martial law after first stating that he would hold onto them. In politics, the lead prosecutors in the Manhattan DA witch-hunt of Trump quit. Biden tapped Ketanji Brown Jackson to be his SCOTUS replacement, and Trumps social media company called Truth launched but failed to work.

In mask and vaccine mandate news, New York lifted mask mandates in schools and many other states and cities did the same. The memo went out from the Democrat party to move on from the strategy of taking control using a virus as the pretext.

In crimes against humanity, more autopsy results link the vaccine to deaths. The CDC recommend a longer period of time between shots to reduce heart damage. “Scientists” have been chilled from even investigating the negative side effects of the vaccines. California is requiring 5-yo to be vaccinated despite no “science” to support the mandates, and EcoHealth, the shell company created to obfuscate US funding of gain-of-function WMD viruses, like the one that escaped Wuhan to cause the COVID pandemic, received funding from the DOD and State Department, not just Tony Fauci’s NIH.

On the date front, Florida had no excess mortality compared to California despite the states being polar opposites in lockdown measures and mandates. Children are resistant to COVID, and the vaccines cause multisystem inflammatory syndrome appears in some teenagers after COVID-19 vaccination. Former CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield criticized the CDC for “politicization” of data as the New York Times piled on the CDC as well.

In healthcare business, Medtronic (MDT) earnings were weak. BioNTech (BNTX) partnered with Medigene. Moderna (MRNA) earnings triggered a sell-off. A report showed how full approval of the vaccines by the FDA makes it harder to sue the vaccine companies, and medicine is moving from hospitals into homes.

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