The Weekly Summary: 4-24-2022

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April 18th – April 24th                     2022

In totalitarian news, Russia continues to take over Ukraine, capturing the Donbas region. Highly unpopular Macron defeated populist Le Pen in France, much like Trudeau inexplicably won his election in Canada. Both men are part of the Great Reset cabal of the WEF. The FBI warned of more targeted attacks on food processing plants as a far-left “activist” was caught committing one of the acts. Another pro-crime court system set free the South Carolina mass shooter on $25,00 bail. Disney, which has lost $20 B in value since videos surfaced of executives promoting sexual grooming strategies upon young children who use their content, lost their “American Vatican” self-governing status in Florida. Barack Obama called for more First-Amendment-violating censorship by social media as Elon Musk is poised to buy Twitter to free it from censorship.

In the markets, Netflix continues to suffer the consequences of spending billions to create unwatchable woke content. The stock fell 35% after bad earnings as Tesla shares rose on good earnings. The overall markets fell 4% after the Fed raised estimates of rate hikes to at least 50-bp, with Wall Street now expecting 75-bp hikes. Also, mortgage rates rose to 5%, pressuring the housing bubble.

In lockdown and vaccine mandate news, a Trump federal judge in Florida struck the insane mask mandates for airlines and trains. Then, under pressure from the angry far-left, Biden announced a plan to appeal. Meanwhile, the Milwaukee health department opposed local schools that refuse to lift mask mandates and the LA public transit system defied the federal judge and kept mask mandates.

In crimes against humanity, a strange epidemic of hepatitis among kids, with no known etiology, is emerging, making many suspect the COVID vaccines. The CDC issued an alert.

On the data front, CDC data show the Pfizer (PFE)/BioNTech (BNTX) and Moderna (MRNA) vaccines trailed the vector-based Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) vaccine in terms of preventing the COVID-19 infections. Also, hundreds of studies have now shown the harm and futility of lockdowns.

In healthcare business, JNJ cut 2022 earnings outlook. mRNA vaccine technology is heady for other diseases. Also, vaccine mandates have caused so many people to leave nursing jobs that seniors are losing their homes.

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