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September 13th – September 19th      2021

In the news, internationally, China is suffering an implosion of a housing bubble similar to ours in 2008, as the U.S. has recreated a housing bubble with excessive currency creation by the Fed. France, not the U.S., killed a senior ISIS leader as the U.S. angered France with a nuclear submarine deal to Australia. General Milley was called a traitor by many people after a book indicated he wanted China, behind Trump’s back, that the U.S. would not attack them: a conversation he later confirmed occurred. The DOD, under Milley’s control, then admitted to killing at least seven innocent family members instead of “ISIS-K”. However, not only was Milley not fired, but Biden supported him with a vote of confidence. At the Texas border, tens of thousands of Haitians, somehow flown to Mexico, piled up to invade.

In politics and the deep state, Larry Elder lost the California recall election as plenty of evidence quickly came to light that those elections were rigged (as all California elections have been rigged for decades). The same FBI was criticized by female Olympic gymnasts before a congressional hearing. They stated that the FBI not only ignored their complaints of sexual abuse by a doctor but then lied about their testimony. The NFL continued to appease the communists by playing the black national anthem. The FBI seemed to stage another sting operation in the from of a “white supremacist rally”, and the laughable “Durham investigation: finally indicted a low-level private sector attorney for the Clinton campaign.

On the fascist front, popular black female hip-hopster Nicki Minaj was critical first of the vaccines, then of the cancel culture against her afterward, comparing it to China suppression of free speech. Her fans protested outside the CDC.

On the vaccine front, an FDA panel voted 15-3 against approving booster shoots for the general public (then quickly voted on a new question and recommended boosters for only those over age 65 or at risk). The current vaccines, that would be given as boosters, clearly no longer work against the muted virus. Chris Rock became sick after being vaccinated, and Norway joined the club of the highly vaccinated countries that face a new peak of infections. As a result, the thoroughly discredited CDC quietly changed the definition of success for a “vaccine”.

Pushback on the Biden vaccine mandates grew. Disney employees protested. UAB hospital ended vaccine mandates for staff members. Spectrum Health allowed natural immunity to qualify. A professor sued arguing that is natural immunity is better than the vaccine, as did others in New York, while a NY federal judge blocked the mandates. In Australia, widespread civil disobedience continued.

The safety concerns for vaccines grew. More people are being hospitalized from vaccine injuries. The vaccine protein spike is directly toxic to cardiomyocytes, and the NIH and CDC admit now that they never had data to show the vaccine was safe to women and are finally starting those studies.

In the crimes against humanity watch, the power-hungry Biden HHS cut off supply to Florida of the monoclonal antibody drugs because Governor DeSantis was using them. This was after many states began to order pharmacies and hospitals to not use the safe and effective pills of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. Senator Rand Paul then spoke out in support of therapies over vaccines. India announced that a region of the country was free of COVID due to widespread use of ivermectin.

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