Thelma (Pelosi) and Louise (Schiff) are going over the cliff

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December 10, 2019- by Steven E. Greer

I watched the 9:00 AM dog and pony show that Nancy Pelosi mustered to “announce articles of impeachment” against the big bad orange man. After a brief introduction, Pelosi skedaddled and threw her stooges into the fire. One hour later, she held another press conference to change the subject to trade deal negotiations.

During the impeachment press conference at 9:00, Rep. Nadler could barely stay awake, again. He looked ashen as if he were losing blood to his head. Rep. Schiff then spoke and said, “Some may I ask, “Why not just wait (until you get more evidence)” To that, any rational independent voter in swings state was thinking, “Uggh…yeah, why not get some evidence first?”

Tough Gal Maxine Waters, who has been vitriolic and foul-mouthed about orange man since before he took office, said not a word. The clowns knew that they had no answers. So, they left the stage taking no questions.

Then, there were the optics of this poorly executed PR stunt. Any rational independent voter looking at this display of old white people in failing health, who have hung onto power far too long, who all have significant problems with their body language and appearances, was appalled.

I am a biased Trump supporter and I genuinely laughed hysterically watching it all. I was not angry. I was happy. Thelma and Louise are doing it. They going over the cliff in a blaze of glory. This is suicide (My previous essay on this).

I still think that an actual vote on the House floor in favor of impeachment is not a certainty. Pelosi is covering her ass and will now, behind the scenes, sabotage the vote. Why? She knows that even her seat is not locked in and she could lose power if they impeach.

This whole charade in the House has been a Machiavellian scheme by Pelosi to hold onto power. It is all about one person, Pelosi, not Trump. Trump is going to stay in office. Pelosi is the one in jeopardy.

Now, the real investigation and prosecution of true treason is commencing. The release of the DOJ IG’s report was scathing The FBI created fraudulent email documents to win FISA court subpoenas, etc. The actual US Attorney and their criminal case will be worse.

The Democrats are like my wild raccoons that I feed every night. They are cornered and desperate. With no hope of gaining control of the executive or judicial branches, and the House likely swinging back to Republican control, people like Adam Schiff have nothing to lose. They are trying to salvage a legacy by being able to say, “At least we did our best to remove the bad orange man.” Maybe they will be able to get a CNN job or lobbying job.

Update- Wait a second. These articles of impeachment today were intentionally designed to not meet the criteria of high crimes and misdemeanors in the constitution for impeachment. This is just a clever tactic that Nancy Pelosi is using to give her members face saving options to not vote for impeachment but rather vote for censure. All of her caucus can now say that Trump is a bad guy and abused power but that his actions do not meet the constitutional criteria for impeachment



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