This is the Arab Fall

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November 24, 2023- by Steven E. Greer

The last time Europeans got upset with Islam, they pushed the Muslims out of the Iberian peninsula. That endured for more than 1000 years. Now, we are seeing a similar uprising by Christians.

In response to Muslim stabbings of children, thousands of native Irish rioted last night. The day before, the Netherlands elected a staunch opponent of immigration, Geert Wilders. Political parties opposing the immigrants in Sweden, Hungary, and Italy are also taking over. Europe has had it with this sharia law and jihad nonsense.

Famous Irishman Conor McGregor posted, “Blame anyone but themselves. Typical. Worthless you are Michaél. Worthless and spineless! Ryan Casey called you all out last week grieving the love of his life, stolen by pawn scum, and nothing but waffle from you all since. Zero action! Everything from our lax border with gravy train benefits, to our pitiful mental health services, to our country in flames is ON YOUR WATCH! And still no plan of action!! Where is our plan of action? What are we going to do to ensure this stops happening? How are we going to ensure this ceases to continue in our country? Ireland is fed up of you and YOUR TYPE. We are not stopping here until real change is implemented. We need safety. We need security. We need leadership! As of now we have none of the 3. Shame on you and YOUR TYPE.”

I wonder whether or not this will lead to another long-lasting deportation effort. Apart from Europe, Argentina also elected a nationalist in Javier Milei. Trump will win re-election in a landslide if the process is not rigged and he is promising to deport the millions of illegals imported here by Soros, et al.

Regardless, what we are starting to see is the failure of bubble think. These WEF stooges orchestrating this immigration chaos as a way to destabilize the West have isolated in secret James Bond lairs in Switzerland and Sun Valley, scheming elaborate global takeover strategies. It is obvious now that they were grossly overestimating their power.

George Soros, et al, by creating crime in the United States and immigration instabilities all over the world, are obviously unpopular. However, I have given them the benefit of the doubt and thought that maybe they had a grand scheme in mind.

Nope. These morons thought they could get away with it. What the F were they thinking?

Obama created the Arab Spring in 2011 for this purpose (i.e., to destabilize Western Society). Now, Obama is seeing it come to fruition. This is the Arab Fall or Harvest Season (double entendre for “the downfall of Arabs” in Europe). Obama and Soros are reaping what they sowed, which is now leading to the predictable response of expelling Muslims.

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2 Responses to This is the Arab Fall

  1. Vincent McGowan says:

    Keep on going

  2. MS says:

    I agree with you. the Netherlands will be an interesting case, Argentina too. These cultured socialist countries are the ones, like Germany (which in Weimar times was the most liberal country on the continent) are the ones that can really turn to nationalism when backs to the wall

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