This is what a $1 Billion federal lawsuit will do

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August 18, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I have a $1 billion federal lawsuit against Fox News and News Corp, for defamation and stealing my content. Today was a very interesting development.

Photos surfaced of Bill Clinton getting a massage by an underage Jeffrey Epstein girl. They were exclusively posted on The Daily Mail. However, uncharacteristically, the New York Post and Fox (both defendants in my suit) did not show the photos. Normally, they would have stolen the exclusive photos and just dared the other party to sue.

My lawsuit specifically addresses this behavior. It is called misappropriation of “hot news”. It is a New York tort. Also, it is misappropriation and unfair competition, which is another tort.

I have also noticed this. Tucker had been using my essays as inspiration for his monologues so often that I started to think I was going crazy. Well, he has suddenly stopped doing that, cold turkey.

Update August 20, 2020- The NY Post now shows the exclusive Clinton-back-rub photos. They gave it enough time to no longer be “hot news”. By now, plenty of other places have ripped off The Daily Mail, so it is no longer exclusive to them, and no longer hot news. I am causing this behavior with my lawsuit.

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