This is why our federal First Amendment case is so important

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May 10, 2017- by Steven E. Greer

As viewers know, BPTV is proceeding in federal court toward trial against the BPCA for violating our First Amendment rights when the authority began barring us from public board meetings in 2015 and hired NYPD to intimidate us. This is what happens in Russia and China to journalists. It should not happen here.

Now, there are alarming signs that the Trump administration is emulating dictaorships. In the news today is a story about a reporter who was arrested in the state capitol of West Virginia after yelling questions to HHS Secretary Tom Price. By all accounts, the man was not physically threatening, but was loud and disruptive. However, elected officials are required to “tolerate” uncomfortable questions from the press.

In our case, if it were not for our reporting on the BPCA, many of the cronies and crooks would still be employed and doing shady business as usual. If we win in federal court, it will send a strong message to other elected officials that they cannot get away with trampling on the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

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