This is World War 3, not the Second Civil War

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December 9, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

Tucker Carlson is still relevant despite his big drop in viewership. On December 8th, he took a story from Axios that was not getting much attention and turned it into a big news event.

Dimwitted Congressman Eric Swalwell, it seems, was groomed by Chinese spies when he was a lowly city council member. A female Chinese spy known for using sex as a tool to entrap useful idiots like Swalwell was the agent. She arranged for the campaign financing and opened the doors. Then, this idiot somehow became influential in the House Intelligence Committee and has access to the most sensitive secrets relating to foreign threats, such as China.

On December 7th, Carlson featured a video recently made of a Chinese professor openly bragging to an audience that China had infiltrated the highest levels of American government. He used examples of key trade deals and treaties going China’s way as evidence.

Long before these Tucker Carlson stories, there were mountains of evidence that this country has been thoroughly infiltrated by Chinese spies. When Joe Biden was Vice President, he used his son and family as surrogates to accept millions in bribes. In addition to Swalwell, how many other members of congressman are controlled by Chinese influences and spies?

Actually, to be precise, this is not classic espionage that the Chinese are doing. They smartly realized that our political system was open for business to foreign nations at a price. Washington DC operates on an industry of bribery that they call “lobbying”.

Once the Chinese realize that they could “lobby” our politicians, they successfully began to take over the country. They knew that when they bought real estate here, they had power. They knew that when they gave small amounts of money to senators, they had them in their pockets. They knew that when they flew entire groups of congress to China for trips that they had them won over. “You had me at hello”, the movie goes.

Every single aspect of modern China now, from their high-speed trains, to their military boats and jets, to their rockets to the moon, to their computer technology was all stolen intellectual property from the United States. But it is hard to say that it was really stolen per se because they just took advantage of our corrupt lobbying and visa systems. They had Chinese employees working in these companies.

The Chinese have also infiltrated our academic research programs. I worked in high-level NYU medical laboratories and I know how the system works. The large portion of the postgraduate students doing all of this boring bench science are Chinese. The American universities think they have cleverly exploited intelligent slaves, but the joke is on them. It is the other way around.

Regarding the post-election series of events, we have seen a bipartisan effort to conspire to steal the election from Trump. Look at the Republicans in Georgia now. The motivating factor there is globalism in general, which includes this Chinese influence. All of these fake Republicans are globalists put in positions of power via money from global donors.

This is a global conspiracy to take over the United States. The NBA, Nike, Facebook, Google, the financial industry, etc. all created business models decades ago to expand into China because of the huge carrot being dangled (i.e., that the billion people in China would be a big new market for them). I recall my first Wall Street job in the year 2000 at Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette and then Credit Suisse. It was all about being a “global” company. When I ran the healthcare trading efforts within Merrill Lynch’s $10 Billion prop trading company, I could have worked from London or Hong Kong had I desired.

But then, like the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, Donald Trump became president. He fulfilled his promises and became a genuine threat to their criminal paradigm. That is why the globalist-controlled Republican and Democrat parties have tried every trick imaginable to oust him, using fake Russia probes, frivolous impeachment, porn stars, and now a stolen election.

I have long called this a Second Civil War. I might be wrong. I think it is better to view this as the Third World War.

The Department of Justice, the cops who should be acting now, are sitting on the sidelines. The outcome of this war is going to be determined by whether or not the Supreme Court justices are compromised. It certainly seems that Chief Justice Roberts is compromised. But the new justices seem to be uncompromised. We shall see.

China has attacked us slowly from within like the Trojan Horse. War is on. Were we too late to realize it?


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