This time, they are stealing the entire country, literally

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April 21, 2024- by Steven E Greer

Planned to occur on a Saturday when few were watching, Speaker of the House Mike Johnson sold out fellow Republicans, and the nation, by passing an absurd $100 Billion spending package for Ukraine and Israel that had zero dollars allocated for U.S. border protections. To do this, he literally turned over his job as Speaker to the senior Democrat of the House, Hakeem Jeffries. A total of 310 members of Congress, including 111 so-called Republicans, voted for this treasonous bill and then waived handheld Ukraine flags afterward in a show of utter contempt for the United States of America.

The slim majority held by Republicans in the House of Representatives is gone. The Deep State forces controlling Washington have compromised Speaker Johnson and flipped him into a non-Republican. It is out in the open now. It is undeniable. The House is now fully under the control of the Uniparty (which is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party and the globalists of the West).

Earlier in the week, Senator Chuck Schumer, the Democrat running that chamber, openly ignored the constitution and hundreds of years of senate tradition by refusing to hold a hearing on the House impeachment of DHS Secretary Mayorkas. The impeachment would have been dismissed has there been a trial, but the votes would have embarrassed Democrats. This was hubris on a new scale. It is wanton violation of American law and Western common law.

Meanwhile, In New York, a state court is beginning a communist kangaroo criminal trial of President Trump, where he will surely be convicted and actually jailed just like the January 6th political hostages. A bill was introduced by “The Squad” (i.e. the Muslim women in Congress) to strip Trump of his Secret Service protections.

“They” stole the 2020 and 2022 elections. That was not enough. They still could not stop populism and Trump. Now, these forces are openly stealing the country by using the power of the federal agencies to bypass the Constitution and seize control of the country. It is no longer a silent clever coup with a pretend president in Biden. This coup is out in the open now.

One month from now, we could see the following scenario:

A) The President of the United States, Donald Trump, will be in jail after a kangaroo court hearing in New York. They will revoke his Secret Service protection and treat him like a J6 political hostage.

B) The House of Representatives and the Senate will both be controlled by the coup forces.

C) The Supreme Court will likely not rule in favor of the First Amendment in Missouri v. Biden.

D) The hot-war stage of the coup will begin. The coup forces will stage false-flag attacks of soft targets as pretexts for taking wartime powers and suspending the constitution.

People need to wake up. We are literally going to be living under a communist coup in a very short period of time. This is reality.

Update April 30, 2024-

  • Rep. Massie- Hakeem Jeffries vows to save Mike Johnson’s Speakership. Why wouldn’t he? Johnson has given the Democrats everything they want.
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