Why beef prices are skyrocketing more than chicken

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April 23, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

Call it a Greer hunch, but I just figured out why beef is so expensive, perhaps. This hunch is based on more than 20-years of experience as a Wall Street analyst (and I am correct well more often than I am wrong).

I have been wondering why beef prices are so high. Something seemed odd. I have just avoided beef and the rest of my grocery bill is about the same. In my recent trip to Publix (i.e., not some expensive organic store by any means), I was going to make a beef roast, but the cuts were $40 or more. That seemed to be about a doubling in price from the last time.

Meanwhile, Bobby Kennedy mentioned something last week that made me think of the answer to this riddle. RFK said on a podcast that, when he is president, he will go after the big meat packing companies because they are sticking it to the cow farmers. He said that four main distributors, owned by Blackrock, are the guilty monopolists.

I don’t know how the meat packing industry works, but I trust RFK. He does not speak without doing his homework.

Another piece to this puzzle has been the highly-publicized WEF plan to make us eat bugs because cows somehow cause global temperatures to rise. Of course, the real agenda is to hurt red-state farmers in Texas or steal land in the Netherlands and UK using this pretext of “cows are bad”.

Then, it hit me yesterday like a thunderbolt. This inordinate beef inflation is by design. It is part of the WEF-Blackrock scam to lower beef consumption and drive farmers out of business.

That is why chicken and other meats have not increased in price. Growing chickens is a quick process that does not require the acreage (i.e., desirable land to steal) or distribution chain that beef does (Perhaps this is why we have seen so many large chicken farms burned to the ground instead?).

If true, that would also explain why there are so many stories about hamburger chains charging $30 for a meal. Before the $20 minimum-wage laws began, there were numerous stories about outrageous fast-food bills.

If my theory is true, and RFK seems to agree with me, then State Attorneys General can easily take action. One lawsuit would lower beef prices by 50%.

There are also silver linings to this. If we survive this coup, we will be better off.

First, it is a good thing that people cannot afford Burger King, McDonald’s, etc. That garbage has contributed to the diabetes and obesity of the poor.

Secondly, it could drive the beef industry back to locally-grown sources. I have a relative who grows his own beef cattle. He spends less than $2 per pound for the entire span of growing the cow. He harvests about 600-pounds of beef from a cow.

I would love to find a local farm and buy my beef from them. The fancy New York restaurants have been doing this for a long time.

May 16, 2024-

NYC Mayor: “Thanks to our corporate partners like American Express for helping NYC to track and limit meat consumption”

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  1. Dr. B says:

    I have a buddy in Texas who raises beef in small amounts and said you are 100% correct

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