The Supreme Court Needs to Overhaul the New York Unified Court System

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June 2, 2024- by Steven E. Greer

The conviction of President Trump by a rogue fake “acting” judge has shone an international spotlight on the New York State Unified Court System. The corruption is far worse than just one bad judge. It has metastasized throughout all levels of the New York justice system for more than 100 years. President Teddy Roosevelt was fighting this type of New York malfeasance when he was governor in 1899.

I started litigating in those same New York Courts 10-years ago. I can tell you from personal experience that corrupt court staff and judges are the rule rather than the exception.

Sheldon Silver, the former Assembly Speaker, had rigged the courts with his loyal cronies. When he went to prison, his senior-most stooges were purged, but it was like removing a small portion of melanoma from the skin that had grown throughout the body. Nothing really changed because the entire New York machine relies on rigged courts. The Uniparty likes it this way.

In Trump’s case, the way that “Judge” Merchan has been assigned to three different Trump cases, when those were supposed to have been randomly assigned to judges, is nothing new. The randomization process has been a sham for a long time. The clerks are dirty. They route cases based on politics impacted by the complaint.

The majority of the “elected” judges are highly partisan political hacks as well. Once a judge is hand-picked by the Democrat machine, they are guaranteed a victory because New York is a one-party state. Therefore, the judges are controlled by politics. The actual law governing the cases before them is about fifth down on the list in priority.

In my Battery Park City Authority case, which I turned into a federal matter, it started with the BPCA retaliating against me in lowly Housing Court, which is across the street from where Trump had his trial. I was kicking the opposition’s ass, defeating motion after motion for two years. Finally, they hired supposedly the “biggest real estate law firm in New York”. Those lawyers were just as dumb and I kept defeating them. But what they were able to do was get their own a judge assigned to the case. My opposition lawyer served on the crooked Democrat committee that chooses which judges to be on the ballot. They used crooked court staff to assign their own stooge to be the judge.

I had a private investigator look into it. This Housing Court judge had a husband who works as a real estate lawyer. This is the type of corruption that New York has normalized. The judge promptly  threw out all of the previous orders that were in my favor and then ruled in their favor. It was outrageous. I filed a complaint with the chief judge, but it went nowhere.

In my current case against the New York Department of Health, which is being handled by a large corporate law firm, the first court in the New York appeals process had some highly partisan hacks there as well. They bent over backwards to protect the Governor Cuomo, even though he is out of office. They are really protecting the entire Democrat machine, because what happened after 2020 during the pandemic exposes multiple Democrat governors across the nation.

However, all of that could change if Trump is allowed to be re-elected. This mockery of justice in the Trump case now has United States senators, congressman, numerous legal scholars, etc., all demanding action. It will end up before the Supreme Court of the United States.

The communists behind the Trump persecution ruined the party. It is out in the open now. The U.S. House will be grilling the New York prosecutors under oath soon. When they investigate how the Department of Justice corrupted the state courts in this Trump matter, it should lead to sweeping changes, but only if Trump becomes POTUS.

The DOJ, Federal Congress, or New York government could all act. However, SCOTUS has the most authority to make changes if it deems that New York State Court is acting unconstitutionally. The evidence is overwhelming that the New York courts violate the Judicial Act of 1789 as well as the U.S. Constitution.

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