Those abandoned bikes

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Gateway abandoned bike 2June 25, 2015- BatteryPark.TV was the first source to detail the mysterious problem of abandoned bikes that turn into stripped carcases. Now, a photographer has made an exhibit about them.

DNAinfo reports, “Adelo Souto, an artist who works as a construction worker, was inspired by the abandoned and often dismembered bikes he’d come across just while walking the city.

“They tend to look like abstract sculptures,” Souto said. “Sometimes it’s just one piece, sometimes it’s just the frame or one tire.”

He carries his camera whenever he can and began snapping photos of the bicycles he finds — including some that are missing their wheels or are covered in rust — about five years ago when he first moved to the City from Miami.

In 2013, Souto began logging his discoveries in his blog, called Forgotten Rides.”

Bike lock cut Bike remaining

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