Tip of the Week: Fly out of Newark

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April 5, 2017- by Steven E. Greer

I have avoided Newark Airport for a decade, I think, ever since I had a scary experience with a New Jersey taxi driver. Well, that was before Uber, and before LaGuardia and JFK became untenable.

Yesterday, I flew to New York on a backup flight after my original plane had a mechanical problem. It landed in Newark. I was pleasantly surprised.

I was able to easily hail an Uber because the traffic is not a mess out front, as it is at LaGuardia. The Uber and other black cars now have to park so far from the terminal, that it requires a shuttle bus!

The New Jersey Ubers are also less expensive. The trip from Newark to Lower Manhattan cost $43. In contrast, an Uber to JFK cost my close to $80 a couple of weeks ago.

The Holland Tunnel is also a fast approach into the city. I landed at 1:42 PM and got to the federal court house by City Hall at 2:20 PM.

I recommend giving Newark a try next time.

I have another tip. On my flight back, American Airlines delayed me again; twice in one day. I called them and demanded to be compensated. they gave me $300.

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