Tip of the Week: The Dyson DC50 vacuum cleaner

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August 14, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

For New York apartments, a small vacuum cleaner is all you need, since you probably have hard wood floors. But your rugs need cleaning, and I had neglected that for years. A few times, I paid the porters in my building to clean them.

Now that I am in a three-story place, I had to buy a proper vacuum cleaner. After investigating, I settled on the largest Dyson DC 50. However, the smaller battery-powered models might be best for your apartment.

This thing lives up to the hype. The unique suction methods are superior to old designs, and the ball joint does allow for easier pushing around tight corners.

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  1. M R says:

    They are launching one of the self cleaning robot vacuums in the fall. Read some good reviews as it is already available in Japan.

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