Tip of the Week: Tile gadgets to prevent loss of keys, etc.

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May 30, 2020- by Steven E. Greer

I got tired of thinking I had lost my car key fab only to find it in some pocket of my golf bag, etc. I asked the car dealer and others for a solution and they recommended Tile. It is a Bluetooth gadget that sends signals to other phones and cell towers. Using crowd sourcing, it can find lost items that are far away. You can also find items nearby by having it beep. If you lose your phone and have your keys, you can have your phone make a noise too.

The device is very cheap and easily sets up. The main downside is, of course, surveillance capitalism. I am sure that, by tracking your whereabouts, the company sells that information. But since I am already tracked by owning a phone, I do not mind.

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