Tips of the Week: buy a juicer

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January 23, 2013 By Steven E. Greer, MD

The WSJ features an article today about the growing popularity of “juicing”, which is drinking vegetable juices made by special machines at home. The basic concept is that it is more palatable to drink a combination of juiced vegetables, and more convenient, than to eat them. Unlike other herbal remedies, the nutritional benefits of consuming fiber and nutrients in the form of a juice are obvious (if not consumed in excess). Most Americans eat far fewer vegetable servings per day than they should.

The nidus for the juicing trend started with a small documentary, called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead”, made by an Australian man who was overweight and ate processed foods. He came to the United States and filmed his weight loss and health improvements after eating nothing but juices for 60 days.

So, my Tip of the Week is to buy a blender, or a more elaborate juice machine. However, the basic blender makes a healthier juice with more fiber in it than some of the instant juice presses.


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  1. Michael Fortenbaugh says:

    Steve – thanks for heping to make us all healthier. Now can you encourage more fresh fruit stands to be in BPC? Maybe we can do a farmers market on weekends at North Cove. That’s when most people have time to buy fresh fruit and vegtables. Keep up the good work.

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