Today’s Under-5-Minutes plant-based meal

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March 20, 2020- Making bean-mushroom-rice stew

March 2, 2020- Bean soup with rice, mushroom, onions, and black bean stock as the liquid.

February 28, 2020- Air fry of cauliflower tots, kale infused potato dumplings (gnocchi), and artichoke

February 26, 2020- “Air fried” (roasted in convection oven) French fries with Beyond Meat patty.

January 23, 2020- Chipotle tofu plant-based burrito bowl with baby-sized chips. This was better tasting than the meat varieties.

December 5, 2019- Beyond Meat burger on 5-grain bread with yams

January 21, 2020- Tortilla chips made of quinoa rather than corn taste even better, I think.

January 9, 2020- Brown rice (Minute Rice), beans (Goya brand), mushrooms, with broccoli, seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, basil, and some butter.

December 22, 2019- Mexican spice vegetable stew with Beyond Meat sausage, tofu,

December 19, 2019- Brown rice, taco seasoning, and beans, with salsa and organic baked chips

December 17, 2019- Multi-grain pasta with plant-based fake ground beef and marinara sauce

December 15, 2019- Mushroom burger on top of protein blend vegetable pack

December 10, 2019- Eggplant soup (Eggplant, vegetable stock, mushrooms, brown rice, black beans, heirloom tomatoes, trinity mix)

December 2, 2019- Vegetable stew

November 30, 2019- Portobello mushroom on brown rice

November 27, 2019- Yucca stew

November 19, 2019- Kale and beet smoothie

November 12, 2019- Beyond Meat burger with rice and beans

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