Told you so. It was not a blizzard according to the NYT

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January 24, 2016- by Steven E. Greer

I am such a genius contrarian. All of you thought that I had lost my marbles when I was proclaiming ten times yesterday that this epic snowfall was not a blizzard, didn’t you?

Well, I called the NYT newsroom just now. They are indeed NOT categorizing this as a blizzard for the same reasons that I am not: the winds were way too low (audio below).

Meanwhile, I have Lonnie Quinn, the CBS “meteorologist”, on Twitter telling me that it was a blizzard. I then asked him for the wind data and he is now stonewalling me claiming it is proprietary.

This is all not simply a matter of semantics, either. A true Nor’easter blizzard with high winds would have been deadly. Power lines would be down right now. Coastal areas would be flooded more than they are. The streets would be closed still, etc.

This issue of whether it was a blizzard or not is also very important because it exposes the egregious deception that the TV news is willing to perpetrate in order to gain viewers. They have lost all credibility in weather predicting as well as political reporting. TV news is propaganda in the purest form. The U.S. state-sponsored media is slightly more honest, only slightly, than the Russian state-sponsored media.

The lessons to be learned here are:

A)  SG is almost always right

B)  Never listen to TV news

C) BatteryPark.TV: We inform, bitches

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5 Responses to Told you so. It was not a blizzard according to the NYT

  1. Dr. B says:

    Words have meanings.
    Blizzard is a word.
    Yesterday did not fit the definition of “blizzard”.

    Dr. B

  2. rcerrud says:

    Your just being an ass now.

  3. Editor says:

    Resorting to epitaphs is the first sign someone has lost the argument

  4. Darrin M Ocasio says:

    You were so wrong.

    Darrin M. Ocasio, Esq.

    Sichenzia Ross Friedman Ference LLP

  5. Editor says:

    Thanks dude. I have been taking heat for reporting the facts. It’s an inconvenient truth.

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